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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an inexpensive and quick way of restoring your broken, cracked, worn or unsightly teeth. The skilled and caring dentists at our Mooroolbark dental clinic can create and affix your crown in a single visit, which saves you time and allows you to leave our clinic with a new smile!

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What is a dental crown?

A crown is a porcelain cap, cover or restoration to replace the missing portion of your tooth. Patients may need a crown for a range of reasons, including:

  • damaged teeth
  • broken, worn-down teeth
  • teeth which are heavily filled
  • purely cosmetic, for a more vibrant smile.

Patients with damaged teeth benefit from the protective properties a dental crown provides, especially with helping to improve bite strength.

CEREC single visit crowns

To create a crown which is completely customised to your existing teeth colour and mouth shape, our skilled dentists use CEREC. The CEREC technology uses digital imaging to construct dental crowns in one visit, while you wait. The machine uses digital imaging to construct crowns in less than 30 minutes, with the resultant crown completely customised to your existing teeth and mouth shape.

Then, your dentist affixes the crown to your tooth or teeth and you leave our clinic with a new smile!

Mooroolbark Single Visit Crowns CEREC Milling

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Crowns are an inexpensive way of restoring your teeth. The porcelain crowns fit over weakened or unsightly teeth to improve appearance. An added benefit of dental crowns is that they will strengthen existing teeth. Benefits of dental crowns include:

  • improving the appearance of teeth
  • restoring cracked or broken teeth
  • replacing worn-out fillings
  • holding cracked or damaged teeth together
  • protecting teeth after a root canal treatment.

FAQs About Dental Crowns

Which is the best treatment for me?

This depends on the tooth and the degradation of the tooth. We like to begin the process with an initial consultation where we will recommend an appropriate course of treatment for you.

Is there any long-term maintenance required?

No, however we do recommend a regular dental hygienist appointment to ensure longevity in your treatment as well as regular oral health checks with the dentist.

When might a dentist recommend dental crowns?

The following situations may benefit from the use of dental crowns:

  • Following root canal treatment
  • Diseases affecting dentine or enamel
  • Dental fractures or chips
  • Tooth wear
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Deep fillings.

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