Children’s Dentistry

Kids’ Dentist

Children’s Dentistry

Our dedicated Mooroolbark dental team look after your children, not just their teeth. We provide comprehensive care for all ages, while making the experience of going to the dentist as fun and stress-free as possible.

When children are happy to visit the dentist, we notice that the frequency of dental phobias and anxiety become greatly reduced. Bringing your children to our dental clinic from an early age helps them to become familiar with what dentists do, while in a child-friendly environment.

We focus on providing preventative care to help your family establish lifelong dental care habits. From general checkups and hygiene to orthodontics and mouthguards for school sport, our staff are highly trained to provide top-quality children’s dentistry care through all ages and stages.

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Here at our Mooroolbark dental practice, we participate in the national Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). Some people call it the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. The schedule allows eligible children to receive over $1,000 of bulk-billed dental care over two years through Medicare.

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Tips for keeping kids calm during their dental visit

Our dentists practise a holistic approach to treating children, to enhance a calm environment during their dental visits. Here are some tips we use to create a calm and friendly environment for your child:

  • We encourage a parent (or parents) to stay with your child during their appointment, to help give support and to provide a reassuring presence.
  • Stay close to your child so that you can hold their hand (if you can’t, one of our caring and friendly nurses can provide that touch of comfort).
  • Think of items which can distract your child during the appointment; telling stories, talking about family or friends. Studies have shown that distractions can reduce anxieties in dental situations.

When should my child first visit the dentist?

Once your child starts developing teeth (usually between 6-12 months), we recommend your child have their first dental visit. An early and sustained presence at the dentist allows parents and staff to work together to care for their developing teeth.

Kids get comfortable with the dentist early on and provide a healthy foundation for a lifetime of solid dental and oral health.

Why do baby teeth need to be treated if my child will lose them anyway?

As your child develops and grows, their baby teeth will be replaced by permanent, adult teeth. But it’s really important to make sure that your child establishes good oral care early in life; these good habits should carry through to their adulthood.

Children can still experience infection and decay in their baby teeth, causing discomfort and pain for both children and their parents. These events can also affect the developing permanent teeth, causing potential problems as they erupt into their mouth. Early decay and tooth loss can lead to crowding, misalignment and can even affect jaw development and adult facial shape and proportions.

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