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Pay for Dental Costs with Early Access to your Superannuation

We value all patients who visit us at our Mooroolbark dental practice and want them to have the best in dental and oral health.

We know some patients may find some of our dental procedures expensive, so we have partnered with Access My Super. With Access My Super, we can create an additional way of managing dental costs, personalised just for you.

Can I pay for dental treatments with my superannuation?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) oversees Australians’ superannuation accounts and may agree to early release of your super funds in cases of compassionate grounds or severe financial hardship. Therefore, as long as you can provide the required evidence to the ATO, you can access your super to pay for significant dental costs.

At a high level, the ATO needs to see that you are experiencing chronic or acute dental pain and that you’ll use the released super funds to pay for dental work to eliminate this pain.

What is chronic dental pain?

When you’re experiencing pain from a dental condition that has been ongoing for at least three months, and when there is no foreseeable end to the pain, or less rapid change.

What is acute dental pain?

You may have a dental condition that has occurred rapidly, causing you dental pain, or an existing dental situation has progressed quickly. In both instances, you need urgent dental work.

Along with evidence of your acute or chronic dental conditions, the ATO has the following set of eligibility criteria you must meet for early release of superannuation funds to pay for dental procedures:

  • There are no other means for you to pay for the treatment.
  • The dental treatment is not considered elective or cosmetic.
  • The public health system will not provide the dental treatment.

What dental procedures can I pay for with superannuation?

Most patients using funding from their superannuation will come to our Mooroolbark dental practice for orthodontic treatmentsroot canal therapy or maintenance of dental implants.

Who is Access My Super?

We have partnered with a professional services company called Access My Super, which assists people in gaining early access to superannuation amounts to cover essential dental procedures.

The Access My Super team comprises experienced taxation and superannuation specialists who will assess individual eligibility to help our patients access their superannuation funds. The work performed by Access My Super is 100% guaranteed, and comes with a ‘no approval, no fee’ policy.

Benefits of using Access My Super to cover dental costs

  • Receive your funds within ten days of approval.
  • Simple, quick access to funds from your superannuation account to cover dental expenses.
  • Obligation-free initial consultation.
  • Access to specialist superannuation and taxation professionals.
  • End-to-end support during the entire process.
  • The experts handle everything, from lodgement through to approval.

Organise your Access My Super payment option today

Confidently proceed with your dental procedure today to relieve your pain and transform your smile.

Arrange a chat with our office staff in person, or call  9726 7955.

FAQs About Access My Super

Can I access my super under Early Release of Super eligibility?

You may qualify for early release of super if you are an Australian (or NZ) permanent resident or citizen. You need to have chronic or acute dental pain and also meet the criteria, including:

  • Having no other financial means to pay for the proposed dental treatment
  • The dental procedure must not be elective or cosmetic
  • The public health system cannot provide the dental procedure.
How much super can I withdraw?

There are no upper or lower limits on the amount of super you can withdraw to cover dental expenses.

You can withdraw the amount matching the procedure described in the Dental Treatment Plan from your dentist.

What is there is not enough in my super account to cover my proposed dental costs?

You can access the super balance of your spouse or partner.

How long will the Access My Super application take?

Within 14 days of application, you will usually receive your Letter of Approval.

Throughout the whole process, Access My Super notifies you of progress status.

My application hasn’t been approved. What next?

Access My Super has a 100% success rate. If your application is not approved, Access My Super provides a detailed explanation from the ATO.

The organisation also has a No Approval No Fee policy.

What do I need to begin the Access My Super process?

You need a MyGov account and an ATO account from the Commonwealth government.

Further, you need to link the ATO account to your MyGov account.

Before my Access My Super consultation, what do I need to do?

First, contact your superannuation fund to ensure you have enough money in your account.

Secondly, confirm your ATO and MyGov accounts are up to date – this includes your current contact information.

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